Bullets and Teeth


Bullets and Teeth


Bullets and Teeth is a casual zombie card game for 3-5 players where you don't have to outrun the dead if you can outrun the living.

What's in the box?

  • 54 card 'Bullets' Deck
  • 54 card 'Teeth 'Deck
  • Oversized Bait Card
  • Rulebook
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Fight the Horde

The Horde grows from the very first draw! There's no setup. Bullets and Teeth will have you fighting for survival from the desperate beginning to the gruesome end.

Each game lasts about 20 minutes. You'll be ready to jump in again as soon as you're done laughing at the horrible demise of your friends.

Betray Your Friends

The bear has three heads. You have one bullet. Your buddy needs two knees to run.

You know what to do.

Only one of you is getting out alive. If you want to be the lucky survivor, someone else is going to have to be The Bait!

Laugh and Cringe

In Bullets and Teeth, a real parasite found in litter boxes has mutated. The dreaded Toxoplasm now infects cats, humans, and other animals.

To escape the claws of the brutal Scabby Tabby or the ferocious Moldylocks you'll need to use every tool at your disposal. Fling uninfected animals for a quick Snack-rifice. Give 'em both barrels with Ol' Faithful. Or Duct Tape tools together for a killer combo. Blast and backstab your way through the Horde or die laughing.